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Free Chart School

Learn: Free Seminars and The Basics

Analyzing and understanding how to read charts, what they actuallly mean and how they affect your portfolio and world markets is a distinct and difficult talent that must be learned if you have a desire to excel in any trading market.

Chart School describes the various kinds of financial charts, what they mean and how to use them to your advantage. This is achieved through the use of easy to understand articles intended to assist you in making sound financial decisions.

The online, free school created by, provides an ever growing extensive collection of information, some of which we have listed here. The chaulkboard button below will take you back to school and opens in a new window so you can easily return here to try out what you have learned in our games area.

The Basics

  • What Are Charts?
  • Support and Resistance
  • Trend Lines
  • Gaps and Gap Analysis
  • Introduction to Chart Patterns
  • Chart Patterns

Candlestick Charts

  • Introduction to Candlesticks
  • Candlesticks and Support
  • Candlesticks and Resistance
  • Candlestick Bullish Reversal Patterns
  • Candlestick Bearish Reversal Patterns
  • Candlestick Pattern Dictionary

Charting Styles

  • Elder Impulse System
  • EquiVolume
  • Point and Figure Charts
  • Kagi Charts
  • Renko Charts

Charting Tools

  • Andrews' Pitchfork
  • Cycles
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  • Fibonacci Arcs
  • Fibonacci Fans
  • Fibonacci Time Zones
  • Quandrant Lines
  • Raff Regression Channel
  • Speed Resistance Lines

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