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Forbes 2011 Investment Guide

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As a new year dawns, investors are heaving sighs of relief. A semblance of sanity has crept back into world financial markets. At home stocks posted 10% gains through mid-November 2010. Bonds did nearly as well. Is this the new normal with little of the panic that prevailed in late 2008 or of the euphoria that chased it the following year? What 2011 has in store nobody can say. However it turns out, this Investment Guide offers strategies aimed at helping you increase your wealth, protect it, stretch it into retirement and pass it on to loved ones, or to worthy causes, in ways that will continue doing good for generations to come.

Edited by Neil Weinberg and Janet Novack

Read all about Investing and Planning your financial future. Don't forget to view the videos at the bottom of the page.

Let Forbes Help Lead You Through The Year

The Patient Investor
The hedge fund heyday is over. There are other places to put your money.
By John W. Rogers Jr

Emerging Markets The Smart Way
Buy U.S. stocks that do big business abroad.
By Daniel Fisher

The Secret Housing Boom
Rental units are hot again. How to invest.
By Stephane Fitch

Emerging Market Bonds Still A Buy
Should you invest in emerging markets bonds?
By Daniel Fisher

Tax-Smart Energy Investing
Doug Rachlin's clients own things like pipelines and salt caverns. Results: fat dividends and thin tax bills.
By William Baldwin

Aerospace Stocks Set To Soar
Howard Ward is a rare growth manager with a taste for aerospace stocks.
By Steve Schaefer

How To Use A Financial Adviser
Yes, financial advisers do dump clients.
By Halah Touryalai

Dividend Stocks For Bond Investors
Broaden your horizons with dividend stocks.
By Richard Lehmann

Buffetts Next Door
Get naked for stock options. By Matt Schifrin

Protection Racket
Sales of indexed annuities are soaring. That's unfortunate.
By William P. Barrett

Rethinking Your Risk
Consider your investments as part of an overall plan that includes your home, career and pension. By William Baldwin

Staying On Target
Make target-date mutual funds work for you.
By Emily Lambert

Florida Fire Sale
Retire to the Sunshine State for a song without getting burned.
By Zack O'Malley Greenburg

Auto Insurance Buying Tips
Seven smart tips for buying car insurance.
By Ashlea Ebeling

Pack Up And Save
Feeling overtaxed? Flee to a low-tax state.
By Ashlea Ebeling

Estate Planning On The Cheap
You could use software to write your own will, but here's a safer alternative. By Deborah L. Jacobs

Tracking Your Health Bills Online
A guide to services that offer Web-based health records.
By David Whelan

How To Give Like Mark Zuckerberg
Turn a valuable asset into a charitable kitty and a tax break. By Janet Novack

America's Largest Charities
It's been a tough year for them.
By William P. Barrett

Folk Hero
Billionaire Kelcy Warren is living a boyhood dream by running his own record label.
By Steven Bertoni

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Banking & Credit Card Tips

Investing For 2011

Year-End Estate Planning

The Buffetts Next Door

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