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CNN Money Investor's Guide 2011


Index Annuities Are A Safety Trap
These products promise you'll share in the upside of stocks with no downside. They sound like a retiree's dream. The reality can be a lot more painful.
By Lisa Gibbs, senior writer

The Young And The Riskless
Investors under age 35 are shunning stocks in stunning numbers. Their biggest risk: dying broke.
By Hibah Yousuf and Penelope Wang

Resist The Charms Of Gold
In scary times like these, investors seeking certainty grab up more gold. But once the crisis wanes, will the shine wear off? By Janice Revell, contributing writer

Top Stock Picks From The Top Pros
They racked up some of the best fund returns of the lost decade by buying quality. Here's where they see opportunity now. By Bloomberg, Morningstar

5 Families, 5 Financial Fixes
All survived the stock market's trial by fire, yet fears of getting burned again linger. By taking a few smart steps, they can reach their goals with ease.
By George Mannes, senior editor

Jack Bogle: ‘Most Difficult Time To Invest’
Vanguard founder Jack Bogle saw that smart investing boils down to two simple rules: 1.) ignore fads and 2.) stop trying to beat the market.
By Walter Updegrave, senior editor

How To Invest In 2011
MONEY Magazine’s experts recommend a diversified portfolio in volatile markets.

Stop Gobbling Up Bonds
Driven by both fear and greed, investors are taking big risks in fixed-income investments. Try a better approach. Paul J. Lim, assistant managing editor

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