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What goes around comes around, karma, cosmic pay back, one good turn deserves another we've all heard these phrases. Maybe some of us live by them. There are certainly many, many philanthropic and charitable people and organizations on the planet.

Notwithstanding the above Karmic cycle, why do good deeds?

According to recent studies good deeds invoke powerful positive emotions. It's believed that some form of deep instinctual reward has passed down through our genes. Good deeds bring pleasure to the receiver and, satisfaction to the giver.

In short helping someone else makes them feel good and in turn makes you feel good. Pamela Cushing is at the University of Western Ontario where she is a cultural anthropologist.

Her take on altruism is that it gives people a sense of self-worth. "Most people wonder, 'Am I good enough?' 'Do I matter?' 'What difference do I make?' 'Is it even important I be on this planet?'"

She's found that if you're helping other people when they are striving to succeed, then the answers to the above question is probably going to end up being a definite "Yes!"

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though and start giving up everything we have earned in the name of altruism. After all, we do have a family to feed, expenses to pay, and basic financial obligations to meet.

So let's get real about this and start off with small things that we can do for one another.

  • Modest acts such as saying "Thank you and Please"
  • Help a neighbour perform a chore
  • Pay attention in case someone drops something and give it back to them
  • Help with selfishly intent by choosing a volunteering in that interests you
  • Don't compare yourself to other philanthropists - just do your good deed
  • If you can give something financial back to the industry where you earn your money
At Dollar By Dollar we believe in what goes around comes around. To that end we would like to provide you with four sites that may give you ideas and opportunities on how you can help the world be a much better place to live in:

Aso, these two books you might find helpful:

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